Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Netherlands summer 2017: Difficult birds

Warblers etc, some are so hard to identify

The Blackcap Warbler (Zwartkop) enjoyed his meal of Bramble berries as much as I did

I don't eat Lijsterbessen, but the Chiffchaff (Tjiftjaf) seems interested

Greenish Warbler (Fitis)

Spotted Flycatcher (Grauwe Vliegenvanger)

Eurasian Collared Dove, (Turkse Tortel)

The Netherlands summer 2017: Robins and the like

I cannot leave the sandy soils without at least 3 Robins (Roodborstje)

And 3 Winter Wrens (Winterkoninkjes)

Ending with an utterly adorable baby

The Netherlands summer 2017: Grebes, Oystercatchers, Tern

More from our summer in the Netherlands 2017, as we stayed about 3 weeks and had plenty of time to go for walks. Many days I walked along the water and I was really hoping to find a mother Grebe with chicks again, but the Waterweg, the busy waterway that runs from the city of Rotterdam west wards to sea was not be a safe place for them.

Great Crested Grebe (Fuut in Dutch)

August was not the right time for displays, but seeing the birds in breeding plumage made me happy.


Taken at a great distance, but there she is, in a small creek: Mum with babies riding on her back 

These were a common sight along the Waterweg:  Oystercatchers (Scholekster)

As well as  Common Tern (Visdief)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Netherlands summer 2017: Buzzard

The day after I saw the owls we left Japan for the Netherlands. Summer is much less hot there, in fact some mornings were right out cold, with temps around 15C or less! Still, birding is also slow there in July and August. I mostly saw juveniles. Adultst stayed in hiding while molting I think. It was time for them to get changed into winter dress.

In my brothers 'backyard' a very blond young Buzzard, (Buizerd)

The Netherlands summer 2017: Finches 1

Had to dig deep in the memory bank to name them. There are so many in the Netherlands!
Start with my favorite: the Goldfinch (Putter)



The Netherlands summer 2017: Finches 2

Next the harder ones, the juveniles all look alike... :-)

Greenfinch (Groenling)


Linnet (Kneu)


Chaffinch (Vink)


The Netherlands summer 2017: Coot babies

It's very common to see, often right in the middle of some big city in one of the canals:
a nest of Eurasian Coots with lots of "cootlings"  Like this one in Delft. (Meerkoet in Dutch)

 Mum seemed to be feeding as well as showing them what to do 

like washing edible weed

go get some more

 Another nest, the chicks are older and have lost the red coloring on their heads and bills.
They should be out looking for food themselves...

 Look at it's feet!